U.S. Desert Storm 6-Color Desert Chocolate Chip Camouflage

Product Description

6-Color Desert Camouflage more commonly known as Chocolate Chip Camo was created in 1962 in response to potential Middle Eastern conflicts brewing between allied Israel and their neighbors. It was not until 1970 that the Desert Battle Dress Uniform was designed, BUT with the creation of RDF Uniform the pattern was postponed in production. It was not until 1981 that the first mass production began, using the first pattern BDU design. The pattern was printed on 50/50 cotton nylon twill blend, but oddly enough being produced for desert combat, the pattern was never printed on lightweight 100% cotton Rip-Stop material. It was not until mid way through Operation Desert Storm that the uniform would undergo improvements to its design, deleting the reenforced areas and switching to 100% cotton Poplin material to make the uniforms more comfortable in the extreme heat. Sadly the iconic Chocolate Chip camo would be phased out in the early 1990s with the more common 3-Color Desert Camouflage, aka Tri-Desert Camo. [Pictured Above]

The top is a first pattern early production 1982 dated piece, The equipment set up features the iconic LC-2 ALICE gear with the incorporation of canvas M56 canteen pouch (because why not).

On the set up you will find the standard M16 3cell mag pouch, M1911 holster, LC-2 Butt Pouch, LC-2 First Aid Pouch and LC-2 Y Strap Suspenders. (ALICE can be set up in many different ways)

Also featured is a bring back AK47 bayonet with bakelite grips, and a 1988 Chocolate Chip Jungle Hat (NOTE: on desert color jungle hats, there is no foliage strap around base of hat)  

This top had a vintage 80s Era Van Halen patch sewn on, which is actually pretty cool, the previous owner had good taste! 

Maximum quantity available reached.

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