U.S. Grenada Invasion M81 Woodland Camouflage

Product Description

M81 Woodland Camouflage, THE pattern of patterns. M81 is regarded as one of the best patterns ever created and implemented by the United States Military. Every branch of our military was issued this Pattern in BDU since its implementation in 1981. The camo would see 20 years of service, being the longest issued camo in United States Military history. M81, a four color, high contrast disruptive pattern with irregular markings in green, brown, sand and black. The pattern is almost identical to Highland ERDL, and in fact, printed from an enlargement of the pattern (4th pic for comparison).The woodland pattern was enlarged and the leaf shapes were re-drawn to make them less regular. The pattern does not repeat horizontally across the width of the BDU, but only vertically along its length. The M81 BDU set came in 2 different styles, Twill for winter, and Rip-Stop for summer issue. Along with the different styles, the BDU jacket would come in anther 2 different styles, with or without waist adjustment tabs. These tabs were located in the back of the jacket. M81 would be produced in a variety of ALICE and MOLLE type gear as well as different types of uniforms other than the BDU. Though the camo originated in the U.S. many different nations around the world would use the design for their armed forces. It was that good. It wasn’t till the early 2000’s that the U.S. Military would phase out M81 and halt the mass issue use of the same camo design across all 5 branches. (Horrible Idea BTW..) With that being said, it’s been almost 20 years since the phase out, and even though it’s hard to believe, this camo pattern is becoming harder to find, especially USA made.
Pictured Items:
Both Styles of M81 BDU Jackets, ESS Revision Goggles, Peltor Gen2s, 80’s issued wound dressing, Navy Seal Stabby Boi, and the mystery object

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